Job VacancyStart making money now with our Property Finders Program. Get paid based on your referral of distressed properties or home owners you send to us. 

You get paid per closed Real Estate transactions. Make massive income by by solving distressed home owners problems. We will help you with what to say to ensure to homeowners to ensure they understand what we are about.

We are Real Estate Investors helping Distressed Homeowners at No Cost to them. This is great if your job consist of driving around and meeting new people daily.


Just continue going about your daily routine but keenly look for distress properties either broken down or not maintained properties.

Take down the address and send to us and we will do the rest keeping you updated every step of the way.

Also as you talk to home owners and you have learned of their hardship, you can refer them to us and we will do the rest.

Send information via text, e-mail or via the form above.

  • Owners Behind on their Mortgage payments
Owners Facing foreclosure
  • Properties with 
Structural issues
Owners Relocating or job transfer
Divorce Owners

  • Owners living in Undesirable neighborhoods 
and want’s to move
  • Property Needs repairs
Owners Retiring or downsizing
Death of a loved ones
Owners Liquidating assets to pay bills
Someone Inherited a property and can’t keep it 

  • Ugly or broken down houses
  •  Owner lost their Job and cannot keep up with payments
Or any other problem you may find.

For faster results and quick turn around ensure homeowner consent to be contacted or visited by us. Ensure homeowners are willing to negotiate and sell their property fast.