Kamen Rider Belt For Sale

Kamen Rider Belt For Sale

Kamen Rider Belt Sale

Best Kamen Rider Belt for sale. Buy Kamen Rider Toys For Sale. Genuine Gears and Accessories. Best Christmas, Birthday, Gift for Adults and Kids.

Kamen Rider Belt Description

  • 1 x Mission Memory
  • 1 x Faiz Phone
  • 1 x Belt Buckle
  • 1 x Faiz Pointer
  • 1 x Faiz Shot
  • 1 x Leg Holder
  • 1 x Faiz Phone Attachment Parts
  • 1 x Faiz Shot Holder
  • 1 x Side Buckle
  • 1 x Belt Stopper
  • 1 x Assembly  Instructions in (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.)

Things You Will Need for Your Kamen Rider Belt.

  • Faiz Phone – You need two AAA batteries.
  • Faiz Pointer – You need two AAA batteries.
  • Faiz Shot – You need three AAA batteries.
  • Belt Buckle – You need two AAA batteries ¦ AAA batteries sold separately.
  • Waist size – 29inch – 39inch
  • Material – Die-cast.ABS.PC.PVC.POM
  • 15 years and up.
  • Assembly Instructions corresponds to English and Japanese, Chinese, Korean.
  • Premium Bandai Webshop Exclusive.
Kamen Rider For Sale

This toy was made for adults. For Cosplayers. For Collector. Sound is heard when entering code. 30 lines or more It has been recorded 30 lines or more. Faiz Pointer is possible to mark projection.

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Kamen Rider Belt For Sale
Kamen Rider Belt For Sale
Kamen Rider Gun For Sale
Kamen Rider Phone

Get Your Kamen Rider Belt Now!

Buy This Kamen Rider Belt. The PERFECT GIFT for Birthdays, Holidays or Special Occasions for Adult or Child. A Kamen Rider's Fan Best Gift.
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