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Get Your Rent Deposit Loan Now!!


Now you can get your rent deposit loan when you need it. Are you struggling to pay a big deposit just to get rental accommodation? We are here to help make paying your deposit a lot easier. After searching, you’ve found the ideal home.

You passed the credit check and the landlord is ready to offer you a lease. You are now required to pay security deposit and first month rent. Don’t panic. A rental deposit loan may be just the solution you’re seeking. This is where we come in.

Everyone knows that having a roof over your head is vital. Securing rental accommodation can be hard without having to find huge deposit. Out quick and easy security deposit assistance makes it easy to get the help you need when you need it most. We help when one or two months rent is required, most landlords demand a security deposit.

Security deposit covers any damages to the property. Our security deposit loans are different from other loans because it is directly to landlord and payback is quick and easy.

Banks come with credit checks, your credit score must be near perfect and you may have to wait before being approved, knowing that your landlord will not wait and you are at risk of loosing that apartment, it is important that you find a lender that will work within the shortest time possible.

Our security deposit assistance funds are not sourced through lenders, you deal with us directly. We do not send your information to multiple lenders to get you approved. With no perfect credit score requirements.

Rent Deposit Loan Qualifications

  • Must have a job for over 6 months
  • Must be 18 Years and older
  • Must be approved for a rental
  • Must have a Bank Account
  • No Hard credit Pull
  • Loan must be used for the stated purpose

Rent Deposit Loan Info

  • Interest Rate 8.0% – 15%
  • Weekly Repayment (1-8 weeks repayment plans)
  • Money Order Payment directly to Landlord (Money Order fee payable by borrower)
  • $50 application fee (Non-refundable)
  • We provide loans from $500 – $3,000
  • Early re-payment allowed

This Rent deposit loan is to help you obtain a rental property. This is a peer-to-peer loan, funds are private money from Real Estate Investor.

Why Borrow from Us?

  • Easy Application
  • Fast and Easy Approval
  • Payment is made fast within 23-48 Hours
  • Transparent Process
  • Apply Now
  • Get Approved
  • Get Money

Rent Deposit Loan FAQs

1. What is Rent Deposit Loan?

Rental deposit loan helps towards paying a deposit for rental accommodations.

2. Can I apply for a loan for any rental property?

No. Loans are for personal use for the purpose of and restricted to private rental properties only.

3. Who is eligible for this loan?

  • Must be employed for a minimum of 6 months and are either permanently employed or on a fixed term
  • If contracted, contract for a minimum of 12 months.

4. How much can I borrow?

The maximum amount of the loan is $$3,000.00 and the minimum is $500.00

5. How do I apply for a loan?

  • Contact us and speak to a loan officer to find out legibility
  • If pre-approved, pay application fee
  • Complete application and submit requested documents and proofs

6. How long does it takes to get funds?

Within 24-48 Hours if your application is successful

7. When can I apply?

As long as you are eligible, you can apply at any time

8. How do I repay the loan?

The deposit loan must be paid in equal weekly payments by borrower every Friday.

9. Can I use the loan for any other reason?

No. The loan must only be used for personal deposit on a private rental property.

10. Can I make part/higher payments towards my loan balance at anytime? Any charges applicable?

Yes, you can make part/higher payments towards your loan. No additional charges.

11. Do I have an option to pay off the loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan early inclusive of agreed interest.

12. What happens if I loose my job?

The full amount of the outstanding loan will have to be paid or alternative agreement for payment must be established. Please Note that this is only if you have difficulty paying your monthly payments.


Example Loan Amortization Break Down
Loan Amount$500  
  Loan RepaymentWeekly
Week(s)Interest (%)AmountPayment

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